5 Extra Activities to take during Safari

Balloon Safari

Enjoy a birds-eye view of the Serengeti National Park by adding a sunrise hot air balloon ride to your safari. A truly lifetime experience, gliding over the treetops as the sun peaks over the horizon and allows you to experience the endless Serengeti plains from an unparalleled perspective. Every hot balloon ride is unique as it depends on the direction of the wind and if luck is on your side you might be able to witness the Great Migration from above, although the herd is mobile and may only be in a particular area for a brief period of time.

Maasai Village
Probably the most famous of tribes, the Maasai were known primarily as warriors and shepherds. Visiting a Maasai village is the best way to learn about their culture. 
When you arrive at the Maasai village, you can expect to be greeted in the traditional manner: plenty of singing and dancing, with participation very much encouraged! And after spending a day in their village, you will have experienced their culture first-hand and learned a lot about how life used to be several hundred of years ago and still is in some of the most remote areas.



Day Trip Kilimanjaro

With this one-day tour you have the chance to explore the surrounding area of one of the most iconic mountains in the world - the Kilimanjaro. It starts in Materuni, the village located at the foot of the volcano, with a wonderful walk to the Waterfalls. It also includes a tour a coffee farm, where you can taste organic coffee while viewing the Giant Kilimanjaro. 

Night game drive 
You can take your safari experience to the next level by entering the world of Africa’s nocturnal predators on a wonderful night drive. 

Night drives in,Lake Manyara National Park, for instance,  are magical just for the scenery itself, specially when the skies are clear and the moon is reflected in the lake. There is an abundance of elusive animals rarely seen during day, but incredibly active at night. 

Ngorongoro Crater Walking

The largest unbroken caldera in the world - Ngorongoro Crater - is overflowing with wildlife. During this remote walking safari you will explore wildlife, extinct volcanoes and diverse landscapes, away from the crowds.The views and scenery are truly breathtaking.  You walk on an animal trail and may even encounter local Masaai with cattle.