The Wildebeest Great Migration 2021

Condé Nast Traveller elected the Wildebeest Great Migration has one of the 7 wonders of the world for 2021 and we couldn't agree more. Well, we would probably just add that it is a wonder for all years ahead.Unquestionably one of the greatest wonders of the natural world, the Wildebeest Great Migration is a path of thirst, starvation, struggle and conquer. We even created a video dedicated to this phenomenon. It's the circle of life explained in 60 seconds.

After an unprecedented 2020 that stopped many safari enthusiasts to witness this phenomenon, now is the time to start turning dreams into reality again.
Many of our clients documented predator-prey interaction worthy of any wildlife tv show. Don't forget that the Serengeti has the highest concentration of large predators in the world.
The wildebeest Great Migration can be followed at any time of the year as we adapt your itinerary to where the herds are. However, if you're looking for the experience of observing the so famed river crossing in the Mara River, that connects Tanzania and Kenya, then July to October is the right time to do it.

We highly recommend you to start planning your safari, specially if you want to observe the River Crossing as requests are increasing and some lodges in the Serengeti are already reporting high levels of occupation.
But did you know that although those months are peak season, for a selection of accommodations we removed the extra charge? That effort and a flexible cancellation policy is part of our commitment to boost tourism

Hurry up and let 2021 be the year of a journey of a life ✨