Did you know that with just a short flight you can switch from wildlife adventure to relaxing paradise mode?

Tanzania islands are the quintessential paradise experience. The Zanzibar Archipelago consists of many small islands and two large ones: the main one is Unguja and it is informally referred to as Zanzibar; and Pemba. The capital is Zanzibar City, located on the island of Unguja. Its historic centre is Stone Town, a World Heritage Site.


In the main island, you will find supreme beaches, but depending on what side of the island you’re staying, sand and surf vary. On the east and south coast, waves break over reefs and low tide reveals small pools of starfish. Fewer hotels mean quieter areas where paradise is mixed with the village rhythm. The perfect refuge. The north coast is less vulnerable to the tides, so calm beaches and white sand are perfect for splendid days in the sun.
We work with any property on the islands, from boutique hotels to luxury and exclusive resorts, but this is our selection:


North Coast
Z Hotel ( Nungwi Beach)
Kilindi Zanzibar (Kendwa) 


East and South Coast
Pongwe Beach Hotel (Pongwe) 
Dream of Zanzibar (Kiwengwa)
Breezes Beach Club & Spa (Paje/Bwejuu) 


For a more exclusive stay, its also possible to consider a quality lodge in Pemba or Mafia islands or the unique experience provided by the private islands of Chumbe, Pongwe or the high end AndBeyond Mnemba Island.


With at least 4 nights in Zanzibar, we highly recommend 1 or 2 nights in the fascinating and unique Stone Town. These are our suggestions:

Emerson Zanzibar 
Zanzibar Serena Hotel 

Since you are already going to Tanzania, why not add some extra beach days to your safari adventure? Zanzibar is just unmissable!