Share your Safari Experience

Do you recall those nights, sitting by the campfire, exchanging experiences and stories from your safari day? Do you remember how exciting it was to share those amazing details with others? If you could, would you do that once more...? We know you went home with incredible memories, a strong bond to the new place you just experienced, and a brand new way of seeing the world. We also bet some of you have a secret (or not so secret) passion for travel writing. This is the time for you to shamelessly disclose that skill.
We invite you to write about the safari adventure you had with us. This is your opportunity to revive a dream trip and also to inspire wonder and curiosity in others, as it will be published in our blog and shared in our social media. Don't be shy! Your story is not irrelephant! Trust us, we would never lion to you ;)
Up to 1500 words;
Language: preferably English but if you don't feel comfortable writing in English, you can send it in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese or French and we Please translate it;
Must also include photos;