Green Season - Save up to 25%

The months of April and May are frequently known as the rainy season, but they should actually be called green season because the plains won't get any greener and the whole landscape will be an impressive palette. 
This is the true wild season!

With water in abundance, animals are spread out all over the territory, including the new babies born during January and February. This means amazing wildlife observing and of course astonishing photographic opportunities. Rains are mostly short afternoon showers and seldom interfere on your trip.
You will be hypnotised by the vast plains dressed in green contrasting with the skies full of dramatic clouds and migrant birds. The smell of wet soil will invade your senses while rain creates natural water holes. And then the quietness. There is peace in the savannah. That’s when you realize why rain is the glory of nature.

It is a bliss to be able to travel to such remote areas and have the privilege, the luxury of having a savannah of your own.

Feel the magic of travelling on April and May and request a quote for these months to get our special price.